The Mystifying Myths of Home Renovation

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Many have had thoughts of home renovation, but many of those thoughts can turn into nightmares for some people. If you have ever been one to start cringing after the great idea of doing a renovation project, you’re not alone. Some have even made a few of the following statements. We’ve busted these mystifying home renovation myths for you so that you will understand them better and see that it doesn’t have to be scary at all.

I Can Do It Myself & Save Money

This is bar far the most frequent quote said by many people when it comes to home renovation. The thing is this: you can’t. Professionals are able to account for things that you may not see or know about. Ever watch any of the numerous home improvement show? Whenever a major issue came up, they explained it to the homeowners to see what they wanted them to do about it. These type of issues will almost always increase the overall renovation costs. For projects that are small or considered “low-risk”, you may be able to get your hands dirty, but for large scale renovations, it’s good to reach out to a professional.


I Can Get a Handyman for the Job

Speaking of reaching out to a professional, this is another thought process many take after thinking of saving money. A handyman is a great choice to take care of certain projects, but there comes a point when only an experienced professional can tackle a full scale renovation task. This is where their expertise come in very “handy” (pun intended, lol). On the serious side though, you’ll be better off in the long run with a hired professional contractor. They can make sure everything lines up with meeting local code requirements as well as cover you for any home inspections that take place.


It Will Add Value to My Home

Another hot myth to be busted is the classic “adding value to your home” But the question remains: will it really? Thinking about adding a pool? Everyone loves pools, right? Well, what if you live in Chicago or New York; it gets pretty cold there doesn’t it? It may be enjoyed for a few months during the summer, but once the season starts changing, it’s a different story. Not to mention the longer off season maintenance. Residents who live in Florida for instance, are able to enjoy a pool longer as the average temperatures are higher in southern states. Location, area surroundings, and other factors are things to consider when adding something to your home and it may not always add value.


I Need to Follow the Latest Design Trends

Canyon Dusk is Behr’s 2021 Color of the Year. But does that mean you just have to update your home to this incredible and amazing color? Well, this is a maybe question. Wow, you weren’t expecting that answer? Let’s clarify. Think of these questions when looking at an upgraded (or updated) paint job for home.

  • When was the last time my home was painted?
  • Is this color update really needed?
  • What’s my budget looking like?
  • Do I need to paint just one room or the whole house?
  • Should I hire a professional? (uh, oh, there’s that word again)

Just because it’s a “hot” color doesn’t mean it’s the “right” color for you. So in this aspect, you won’t look bad because you didn’t update to the latest design trend. This brief list can help you decide if it’s time to paint your home or if it can wait a while longer. You have to look at the overall task to determine if you, a handyman, or a professional needs to handle it.


Any Home Renovation Is a Good Choice

Well, there you have it. Any renovation that I do is the best choice for my home—NOT! Just because you can do it doesn’t mean it’s the best option to do. What if you plan to sell your home in the future? Will everything that you have put into your home in the past help sell it? At the time, you may think that the Victorian decor remodel you did will be a huge selling point. What if your home doesn’t sell because of that? Or maybe you want to do a classic 70s remodel that will just blow everyone away and being back memories of nostalgia. It could bring back nightmares for someone else. One word is key when looking at a renovation: functionality. Is the home functional in every way? Does every room have a tying element to an overall theme or style? What about accent pieces to make a room stand out and draw the eye? And the most important question: is it livable or just for visual appeal? Any renovation choice may not always be a good choice, so take time to look over your home and plan accordingly.


The Final Inch

So, how do you feel now about the mystifying myths of home renovation? Have we helped to bring more understanding to your thoughts on the subject? There are many more myths than just these presented here and our hope is that you can rest easier knowing that you have professionals here at Archie Home Improvements who can assist you with your renovation needs. Reach out to us, and we can answer any other questions you may have.

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