Bedroom Renovation

We offer a variety of quality services that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Bedroom Renovations

Is your bedroom out of date? Do you need a bigger space or a new look? If you’re thinking of making a bedroom renovation, Archie Home Improvements can help. If you’re stuck with a boring, drab bedroom, we want to help make your space come alive. Gone are the days of tacky decor. We’ll help you update the look and feel of your bedroom with our bedroom renovation services.

Archie Home Improvements is dedicated to helping our customers plan for their upcoming renovations with our renovation services. Our approach is simple - we work hard to provide personalized services to our clients during every project phase. At Archie Home Improvements, we search for the best prices on all materials and products. Quality materials demand expert craftsmanship. Since August of 2016, Archie Home Improvements has completed numerous home renovations, and we can’t wait to get started on yours!

Our Bedroom Renovation Services

At Archie Home Improvements, we schedule our client’s projects with enough time to provide significant attention to detail. We look forward to renovating each of our clients’ homes so that they can fall in love with their houses all over again. We also offer the best client support in the business. We have an excellent reputation, and thanks to our work ethic, we have seen impressive developments in recent years.

Archie Home Improvements started our bedroom renovation service because of the August 2016 floods in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Archie Home Improvements has immense respect and passion for home-building, renovation, and remodeling. With several years of experience in designing and building personalized, custom homes, our sense of pride and love for the Southern Louisiana community at large led us to reach out to flood victims, offering our expertise in remodeling and renovation services to those in need.

Our Difference

When our clients choose Archie Home Improvements, they are working with the best group this industry brings to the table. Archie is committed to providing the best value in home renovations services. We have a firm responsibility to furnishing our clients with quality products while exceeding expectations in our customer service. With our educated and experienced staff, your home improvement experience is in good hands. Trust Archie Home Improvements to bring you the expertise that your home deserves. Many people don’t realize how important bedroom makeovers can be to the overall feel of your house. A renovation is a great way to change up the design and bring new life into your bedroom. If you need help with this, we’re here for you at Archie Home Improvements!

Get Started With Archie

Bedrooms are a place for rest and relaxation. If your house needs a bedroom renovation, Archie Home Improvements can help. We provide high-quality services to our customers, whether it’s a bedroom makeover or a bathroom upgrade. With our industry experience and can-do attitude, we’ll help turn your space into a place of tranquility and homeliness. Get in touch with us today by calling +1 (225) 978-1966. You can also send us an email at with any questions you might have. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

Renovate, and fall in love with your home all over again!

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